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When and What to Email to Your List?


It’s great to be told that you need to build a list which you can send emails to. The problem is that once you have all the technical stuff set up, you don’t always know what to put in your emails.

One big question that I often get asked is how often to email a list. This can be a difficult question to answer. First it will depend on how you train your list from the beginning. If you only send out rare emails your list is likely to forget who you are. So when you do send out an email it will probably go unnoticed.

On the flipside if you always send out regular emails from the start, you are training your subscribers to expect an email from you every few days. Some marketers successfully email their lists several times a day!

From our experience we find that most people don’t mind 3 or 4 emails each week. This is as long as you provide great content that is helpful and informative.

So what type of content can you offer?

This is the next problem that marketers have. Sending out the first few emails is easy and you have lots to say. But as the weeks go on you don’t always know what to say, and this is when you start to email less frequently.

Here’s some great ways to find content. One of the easiest ways is to set up a Google Alert in your business or niche. Then you simply talk about the latest news in this area. The same can be done with an RSS feed, set up a RSS Reader and each morning check it for updates.

Other ideas for content include talking about business related news and news about your local area. You may support a charity or organization and this gives you something to talk about.  Maybe you are into a certain sports team or have hobby that you do regularly.

You can also send links to things on your Facebook page that you like as well as your blog posts. When you start looking for things to write about you will be amazed at how many ideas come to you.

By talking about other things in your emails you are presenting yourself as a ‘real’ person. This is so important as you want your list to know who you are and what is happening in your life. When you do this you may just be surprised at how many of your subscribers start sending you emails.

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