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Videos, Hangouts and Webinars Get Make Money Online From Home


When it comes to building an email list you really need to start thinking outside the box. What methods can you use to build your list that make you stand out from the crowd? Its easy to get make money online from home.

While most people are offering reports and eBooks as a gift for subscribing to a list why not offer them something different? Let’s look at some methods which aren’t used as frequently.

These ways include making use of webinars, videos and using Google+ Hangouts on Air. All of these methods provide exposure to you and provide you with a unique way of getting people onto your list.

With webinars you can provide people with a registration form. Then you simply provide great information on a certain topic for no charge. People will be thrilled with what they have learnt and will be happy to recommend you to their friends.

With videos you can leave a link at the end of your video for people to join your list. Offer them more information in the form of a free report of PDF. When you use this method make sure you add your squeeze page info into the description area.

Google+ Hangouts on Air are perfect for small webinars or you can use them to make a recorded webinar. Simply run the hangout without any attendees and then keep the link private. Share with people who register for it only.

Hangouts are the perfect opportunity for live interviews and using as a question and answer session. You could invite current list members to participate and let them ask questions about something they are struggling with. Then you can use this completed hangout session as your gift to new subscribers. This video would technically become your FAQ section on your website or blog.

If you are nervous about making a video a great way to start is by using power point slides instead of you being on camera. Just remember to create a slide with a call to action such as:

  • Click the link below for more information
  • Sign up to my free newsletter

You need to tell people what action you want them to take once the video or webinar has finished. Make sure your link is large and easy to read and always post it in the description box as well.

Try this method out for yourself today and see if you can’t increase the size of your email list quickly.

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