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Tips for Creating Emails is Make Money Online Forum


Once you have your first list in place it is time to start sending out emails to your subscribers. It is important to stay in touch on a regular basis so that they don’t forget who you are. And you get make money online forum.

There are a couple of different ways you can send out emails to your list. The first one is by creating a Follow up Sequence. These are pre-written emails that you load into your autoresponder service and schedule them to go out at certain intervals.

Most people recommend that you have a minimum of seven email messages scheduled. These don’t have to be that long and the first one should be sent as soon as the person opts into your list. Just thank them for joining your list or newsletter and tell them a little about who you are. This is also a good time to let them know how often you are going to email them.

By telling them in advance that you are going to be mailing several times a week or once per month, the person will expect to see your email in their inbox. If you say nothing and bombard them with daily emails you will get a large number of unsubscribes.

Another type of email message is called a Broadcast. These are used when you have a special announcement to make to your list. This could be when you are releasing a new product or you found a great deal on something of interest.

Broadcast messages can be used in addition to your follow up emails. Many marketers will send broadcasts out after the initial seven emails. The advantage of sending a broadcast is that you can send it to more than one list and you can schedule it to go out.

The last type of email message is called a Blog Post email. This is simply, as its name suggests a notice to your list that you have just published a new blog post. Your subscribers can read the post inside their email or click on the link and go to your actual blog.

Here’s a quick recap of the different types of email messages:

  • Follow Up Sequence – great for engaging new subscribers and allowing them to get to know you. It is recommended that you create seven messages.
  • Broadcast Message – useful for announcements and special offers
  • Blog Post – use to engage your list and let them know you just added new content to your blog

Use these tips to get started on the right track and keep your list engaged and happy with your content.

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