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The Video That Made Me Sick With Envy


Do you ever watch Antiques Roadshow?

Most of the junk they appraise ends up being worth under $100. Every once in a while though, somebody brings in some weird trinket only to find it’s worth a FORTUNE.

This one woman, Jinx Taylor brought in some jade pieces her father had brought back from China in the 1940’s. They’d sat around in her attic for decades gathering dust. But as
it turns out, they were worth as much as $1,070,000.

Crazy right?

Well – the exact same thing can happen in Internet marketing. Case in point – the story my good friend and expert Internet marketer Alex Jeffreys told me yesterday.

Read It For Yourself Here

In 2008 he Macgyvered a sales video from a $7 microphone, the copy of Powerpoint that
came with his computer and a free version of some screen capture software. He was hoping it *might* do $20k in sales. He would have been happy with $10k.

The final result? $297k in 7 days. $1.1 MILLION by the time all was said and done.
And the video was only live for 21 days! For those counting at home – that’s $52,380 per

Honestly, I felt sick with envy when he told me about it. But then he revealed something
so shocking that it flipped my entire perspective on video marketing. Ever since I heard about it, I’ve had butterflies in my stomach.

I can’t say too much… but the short version is this…

Alex has come up with a step-by-step system that allows you – or I, or anyone else
really – to effortlessly copy his results.
All by using a few pieces of FREE software, and the odd (but ethical) psychological
tricks that powered HIS video.

It’s called Million Dollar Sales Video. And today for the FIRST and ONLY time ever,
he’s releasing it to the public.

Check It Out NOW

Lise Gottlieb

P.S. Alex is launching MDSV on a ‘dimesale’ format. That means with every purchase the
price increases. If you wait around to check it out, it WILL cost you more money.

So Go Discover MDSV Right Now