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How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!

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OK, so I bet you’re wondering what the story is behind this formula and how you can use it to start generating leads and sales in your business..

Well, about a month ago, one of Kevin’s business partners asked him an interesting question…

He said.. “Do Want to Turn your Facebook Page into an ATM Machine?”

…and at first, Kevin just laughed and thought…

“Here we go again…”

He’s going to try and sell me some magic software or hack that will just waste my time, not getting me any closer to making real money on Facebook…”

Turn Your Friends and Followers in Leads!

I learned a long time ago, the ONLY way to make consistent money from your Facebook page is by turning your friends and followers into LEADS…

…and the only way to get a lot of followers and leads, is by getting VIRAL EXPOSURE through the likes, shares, and comments on your posts.

“But There Was Always One Serious Problem”

Nothing I posted ever got more than 20-30 comments and a couple shares, so I could never generate enough leads to make any real money…

That is, until I learned Kevin Sousa’s secret formula for unleashing the “Viral Power” ofFacebook.

It was unlike anything I had ever heard before..

I thought it was just ‘luck’ that caused a post to go viral and get thousands of shares and comments, but I was DEAD WRONG..

It’s a formula…It’s scientific…It’s not luck…

So that means ANYONE who applies the formula can get a similar result!

That was music to my ears..

…and after just one week of using the formula, Kevin started getting thousands of shares and comments on his posts every day.. and leads we’re flooding into his email autoresponder.

His posts started spreading like wildfire and marketers from all different niches started asking him how he was doing it…

…and after he taught them his formula, they started seeing results almost instantly!

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