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Google+ Hangouts

How to have FUN with groups, photos, text and videos!


Are you using Google+ Hangouts in your business yet? If not, why not? What is holding you back?

Running a Hangout can be intimidating and who wants to mess something up infront of your friends or infront of potential customers?

Nobody! That is a pretty safe bet.

Hangouts are more than just videos, they are an important business tool. Besides you can run a text based Hangout right inside of Gmail now!

Have you tried making videos and get stuck with adding audio tracks and then uploading it to YouTube?

Not to worry!

With Google+ Hangouts your video is automatcially uploaded for you. All you have to do is add your description and make your link public or private.

What could be easier than that?

So, how do you learn how to run a Google+ Hangout quickly?



Google+ Hangouts

How to have FUN with groups, photos, text and videos!

Inside this informative eBook you will discover a step by step process for creating your Google+ account and for synching it with your YouTube account.

Topics Include:
  • What is a Hangout
  • Hangout Facts
  • Getting Started with Hangouts
  • Setting up Your Account and Connecting to Hangouts
  • How to Start a Hangout
  • Hangouts Chrome Extension
  • Using Hangouts in Gmail
  • Installing the Gmail Plugin for Hangouts
  • Google+ Hangouts√≠ Features
  • What You Will See in Your Hangout
  • Hangouts on Air
  • Ways to Incorporate Hangouts into Your Business
  • Examples of Hangouts
  • Events
  • The Two Types of Videos Which Can Help Build Your Business Faster
  • Hangout Best Practices
  • Case Studies
  • National Geographic Celebrates their 125th Anniversary
  • Hangout Interview Series from Jason Matthews
  • Sponsored Hangouts
  • New York Times
  • Cadbury
  • BakeSpace
  • Hangout Giveaways
  • Go Behind the Scenes in Your Business
  • Conclusion

After reading this eBook you will know:

  • How to set up your accounts and how to synch them to YouTube
  • How to do a Hangout from within Gmail
  • Find out the two types of vidoes to produce within a Hangout to grow your business quickly
  • Best Practices for Google+ Hangouts

and the highlight of this eBook…

Discover 40+ unique ways to use Google+ Hangouts in your Business.

Act Now and produce your first Hangout by tomorrow!

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