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Dear Business Owner,

We’ve reached a point where every business owner, regardless of industry, has finally accepted the fact that having an online presence is not a choice… it is a MUST.

In fact, if you look around at the current business landscape – the companies who resisted embracing the web are now paying a huge price.

Many are being surpassed by newer, more innovative companies.

Now I have a tough question for you…

Is This You???

Here’s the thing. You may THINK you have a good online presence but the truth is, many business owners are totally missing the boat because what they THOUGHT was effective and what ACTUALLY works are worlds apart.

So here’s how you find out.

Ask yourself which category you fall into:

  1. You have an active web presence and a GROWING list of followers
  2. You have a disorganized web presence and you don’t really know if anyone is following you online at all

Most business owners I talk to, eventually admit they fall into category number 2.


If you answered number 2, I have both bad news and good news for you.

  • The bad news is that you are losing business and possibly being surpassed by your competition
  • The good news is that its not too late to fix the problem

But you are going to want to take action…

And you are going to want to so QUICKLY


You need to Build A Following online.

And that means more than just a website and some social profiles. It means that you must be engaging with their audience, creating a 2-way dialog and establishing long term relationships built on the classic “know, like and trust” principles of selling.

INTRODUCING… Build A Following University

Chances are you have at least tried… but then failed… to properly setup a strong web presence and create an environment to attract new customers and engage with your existing client base. And you might even already have a website and social media profiles…

BUT this is where you get stuck!

With Build A Following University, I am going to share the most powerful strategies and tactics that ALL of the top companies (who have a KILLER web presence) are doing.

Now this isn’t something you can learn overnight or you would have figured it out already.

BUT… with a bit of guidance and direction YOU CAN learn the secrets to build a successful following and  I am going to guide you along by focusing on 5 Key Areas Of Success That Work TODAY…

  1. The fundamentals of building a following
  1. Building and engaging a subscriber list
  2. Properly engaging and leveraging social media
  3. Understand how and when to use paid traffic to speed up growth
  4. To take advantage of Google Hangouts now while it is gaining steam

Here’s How You Can Get This Private Training For FREE

All you have to do is join my team and I’ll give you this private training “Building a following” Univeristy for FREE.

You will receive the training material by email and download and I will personally coach you through the process of building your business based on building a following.

The Income Vehicle (Affiliate Marketing)

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make online when first starting out, is wasting time.  People jump from business to business, product to product, forum to forum without ever making a decision and getting started.

One of the major hurdles to getting started for most people is the technical setup (and knowing how to setup) of websites that actually make you money.  That’s why I jumped into an affiliate marketing system as a vehicle for me to make money.  With the right affiliate marketing system, there is minimal setup required.

When looking for the affiliate marketing system that is right for you, there are a few VERY important things you want to look for.  The following criteria is what I use to chose to my affiliate marketing income vehicles.

  • Build YOUR OWN list, not someone else’s – This is VERY important.  You want an affiliate system that is going to be easy to send online traffic to and you need to be able to capture leads into YOUR own system.
  • High Commissions – There are many opportunities online that pay many different commission percentages.  The affiliate system I use pays me 100{fb4281077b7c1547c1f97e210fab46826460543d9196bda278e582aa3e6818f0} commissions, and this has made a HUGE difference in how fast I can grow my income.
  • High Sales Conversions – When you are promoting an affiliate system, it needs to have a good “sales” process.  Try to do some research on the numbers before getting started.
  • Sales Funnel – Many companies only promote/sell ONE product.  Always look for systems that have a funnel with multiple ways that you can get paid (starting with small or low ticket items, and going up to high ticket items $1,000 and above).

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Please understand, this private training “Build A Following” University contain of: 5 modules, 5 books, Videos, 52 daily tips for list building and personal coaching that has a total value of $297 and  I am giving it to you for FREE,  when you decide to work with me and join my Team.

You have 2 Choices:

You can either climb the mountain to your dreams by yourself, figure it all out and hope your doing the right thing…

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To your success,

Lise Gottlieb


If you are ready to harness the true power of the web, and to do so using CURRENT and PROVEN techniques, then join us today. Isn’t it time you created a REAL business with real relationship with your customers that will turn them from leads into lifetime, loyal followers who know, like and trust you?