Using Giveaway Events to Build Your List And Make Money Online Now

Giveaway Events list

Giveaway Events list

If used correctly using Giveaway events can be a great way to build your list. There are two different ways to do this. First you can join a Giveaway event that is being hosted by someone else. Two you can create your own event. And make money online now.

The advantage of the first one is that you don’t have to set up the event and find people to contribute. Plus all you have to worry about is running your own promotions. This can get you great exposure but you may also be competing with a 100 other marketers vying for subscribers.

When searching for ongoing events look for ones that relate to your business and your niche. Some are very general while others may be more specific. For example if you are in the health industry then you want to look for these types of Giveaway as opposed to ones target for online marketers.

Running your own Giveaway may take up more of your time but the rewards may be higher. If you get together will other people in your niche and limit the number of people offering products you could see a better opt-in rate.

If you offer business coaching then you want to get together with 8 or 10 other coaches and give away a product or video during the event. Each person is responsible for creating their own gift and their download page. All you need to put together is the main page which contains a list of all the offers.

Everyone agrees to promote the Giveaway to their lists, on their website and on their social sites and inside any forums they belong to. The benefits of doing this are that you are reaching more targeted subscribers.

You will get people on your list who are immediately interested in what you have to offer. They will be open to receive more emails from you and they are more likely to stay on your list for a longer period of time.

With more general giveaways you will attract a large number of freebie seekers who are interested in nothing but getting something for free. They will join your list and unsubscribe almost immediately. Don’t worry if this happens as these are not the kind of subscribers you want.

Why not get together with some other marketers and try a Giveaway Event? Iit may very well bring you more subscribers than you anticipated.

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